• NHL and University Ice Rinks
• Recreational Ice Rinks
• Portable Ice Arenas
• Outdoor Community and Backyard Ice Rinks
• Portable Aluminum Rink Floors
• Dasher Boards
• Ice Test Tracks
• Ice Rink Refrigeration
• Concrete and Sand Refrigerated Floors
• Energy Management
• Dehumidification
• Engineering
• Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration Systems
• Architecture Service
• Repair Services Include:
• Compressor Rebuild
• Pump Rebuild
• Brine Analysis
• Chiller Re-tubing
• Floor Repair
  Serv-Ice Refrigeration is a leading Refrigeration Specialist that has been in business for over 25 years. Please contact us for references or any questions you may have.
We specialize in:

Ice Rink Refrigeration Systems
Industrial Refrigeration Systems
Green GeoThermal Systems
Energy Management
Field Erected Refrigeration Systems